FLX Chair

TGC design concept

A fully articulated office chair that is designed with matching seat and back moulding, contains both seat padding and a perforated back rest, which is upholstered in a fully supporting mesh fabric.

The Group Creative: Stuart Lambert and Zoltan Szabo

OMGA Chair

TGC design concept

A much neglected reception chair from the 1950-70s brought up to date and reinvented as a 21st century classic, with nickel plated steel structure, leather seat and back with polished mahogany arms.

The Group Creative: Stuart Lambert and Zoltan Szabo 



Designed for the complex movement of human anatomy, it offers an adjustable external exoskeleton that provides support whilst moving or maintaining a position with an unusual lightness. The concept of being relaxed while working encourages movement aligned with the reduction of tiredness. The chair was not only widely acclaimed, it influenced how leading manufacturers subsequently designed chairs.

Atelier Bellini: Claudio Bellini, Stuart Lambert and team


Syba Limited

An articulated cantilever office chair with gas operated height, variable weight angle adjustment and polyurethane moulded arms. The bespoke mechanism was highly ambitious for its time, which in a later version was manufactured by President Office furniture.

John Choong, Stuart Lambert and team