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The Group Creative is an Industrial and product design consultancy dedicated to finding the right practical and aesthetic approach for our clients. Our design thinking, aligned with research and development leads to considered concept development, 3D rendered models & rapid prototyping. Having particular expertise in early manufacturing and marketing consideration, TGC can help make sure a commercial opportunity is strengthened by offering a unique design solution.



A collection of my design projects and contributions



Stuart Lambert has been working as a product designer since the early 1990s during which he has worked for several leading design consultancies both in London and Milan. In his early days, Stuart studied furniture design at the London College of Furniture that served as the starting point of his career as a product designer.

Alongside being a designer Stuart is a keen cyclist, which has led to the design and development of his most ambitious project in recent years - the Crosshead bike. He says ‘I have always sought to work on a large variety of projects in different market sectors to allow me, as a designer, to stretch myself intellectually and professionally and in turn help clients identify how product design can strengthen an organisation as well as its commercial potential’.

In 2009 Stuart studied for an MBA at Greenwich School of Management and his Thesis ‘Design Expertise at the Boardroom’ highlights that as his career is progressing, his goal has been to broaden his Project Management skills alongside his role as a designer.

‘The Group Creative’ is Stuarts Consulting business and portfolio site to present his projects and achievements over the past 25 years.



If you want to contact me for any general info or design projects, just get in touch using the form below or if you would prefer to contact me directly you can send an email at

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